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Why Property Managers use Safe4site for their Contractors Approval

As a Property Manager you will be aware that you have duties under Health & Safety law to ensure that the contractors that you employ operate in a safe manner while working at the properties that you manage.

The HSE has outlined your responsibilities in simple summary document. Click here to view and download this document.

To effectively manage this duty you are required to assess relevant risk assessments and safety systems that each contractor should have in place, monitor documentation & insurance certificates and have a system in place to formally identify any contractors who have failed to meet the criteria and systematically remove those contractors who have failed to provide updated documentation in time.

Safe4site Contractor Community is a database of contractors who can be selected to carry out works you require, safe in the knowledge that you have satisfied your obligations to ensure they have their Health & Safety processes in place to work safely and effectively.

How much will using Safe4site cost us as Property Managers?

Not a penny? Safe4site was set up as an extension of 4site’s Health & Safety services to assist property management companies. We recover our assessment costs through the contractors application fee.

How can I get my contractors on the Safe4site database?

If you have contractors you wish to add to assist your management, just ask them to contact us or pass us their details and we can contact them. The contractor will be sent an application pack to submit to us and will be guided through the accreditation process where required. With a one-to-one support we provide, it’s very difficult for a contractor to fail accreditation.

We Have a good relationship with our contractors. We don’t want to alienate them with costs, systems and paperwork.

We have a very flexible and personal service. Working safely is a necessary requirement for all contractors and we will liaise with you in the best way to approach your contractors should you feel this will be a delicate matter. We will dedicate one member of staff specifically to your contractors to provide a personal service.

We use a lot of sole traders who won’t have the necessary requirements (or cash!) to become accredited.

Safe4site have just launched the Sole Trader level of accreditation. We recognise that many sole traders will slip through the net as legislation spins its web of paperwork and ‘red tape’. The sole trader application, at a cost of just £75.00 (NET) to the contractor, is a smaller version of the main application form that calls for only the basic, necessary requirements for low risk sole traders.

Our contractors have been approved elsewhere, do they need to be accredited?

It all depends on how you want to manage it. In a situation where many contractors are submitting multiple certificates from different accreditation schemes, property managers end up being overloaded with documentation and certificates that need managing individually and require clarification that they are still valid and accredited prior to issuing a contractor a job. This is a potentially dangerous way of working as, not only being a nightmare to manage; it puts the burden back onto the property managers to monitor this. The benefit of keeping all your contractors under the Safe4site accreditation removes that burden and allows you to be safe in the knowledge that, if they are selectable from the web based database, they are current with all their documentation and, ultimately, they are safe to employ.

Why use Safe4site?

Safe4site is a contractor accreditation system has been created specifically to service the needs of the property management industry. Still a relatively fresh service to the market, it carries a wealth of industry knowledge and experience with its parent company, 4site Consulting, to provide the support and service to you with your needs in mind.

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